Student Filmmakers magazine

Student Filmmakers magazine

Student Filmmakers magazine offers insights on filmmaking:

“Like sports, it’s not enough to be a fan and to watch. You have to play. The important thing is to just shoot. Even if it’s not a masterpiece, you learn every time you make another project, no matter how short or simple… Just do it.”  ~Larry Fong, ASC (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice; Kong: Skull Island; and Super 8.)

You have to play.

“Get out shooting, that’s the way you learn. I myself worked my way up through the ranks. I started as a ‘runner’ as it was called then, became a loader, 2nd AC and then 1st AC. I didn’t operate, by that time I had seen how the industry was changing. I needed to get out shooting my own stuff asap. I think that is the advice I would give now. ~Adam Biddle, Cinematographer (Crank; The Gnostic; Team Extreme)

Get out shooting your own stuff asap.