Wheels and Waves: I’ve been thinking about the powerful capabilities of action cameras and action filmmaking. Three years ago I did an interview on this blog with Roberto Studart, a Brazilian filmmaker. The interview remains one of my favorites. His shots of downhill skateboarding on mountain roads are breathtaking. Here’s the clip again, for your enjoyment:

CURVAS E LADEIRAS T2 from Roberto Studart on Vimeo.

Roberto has done more, including some incredible surfing shots. Catch his work on Vimeo.


Action cameras and underwater camera housings allow big wave surf photographer Sachi Cunningham to capture stunning visuals of surf. For more on Sachi, see Inside the Mind of Sachi Cunningham on Vimeo.

Surfing at Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Bianca Valenti alone and deep in a beastly wave, right at the very edge of one of the most populous places on the West Coast: Ocean Beach, San Francisco. Photo: Sachi Cunningham