My new short novel, titled APART, launches on Tuesday, October 21. All about a long-missing twin.

When Cabe Wray, sixty-one and a business technology salesman, abruptly quits his job and his career, he feels himself drawn to intensify the search for his long-missing twin sister. On the advice of a friend, he hires a documentary filmmaker to create an Internet-based video about the search. The hope—that someone will recognize her and provide answers to her whereabouts.

The filmmaker, driven to make this project a success, brings on a young woman friend to help with the production. Her role in the video project quickly deepens, as she becomes the catalyst that forces Cabe to grapple with his own long-buried memories and emotions…

And to understand what drove his sister to disappear.

Watch for a special promotion coming before the launch.

Available on Amazon Kindle: APART