The storyteller blog “Creating Story” has moved to another site: The Filmmaker Lifestyle. I merged the two sites in May 2021 to make it easier for readers to find my interviews and other content. The Filmmaker Lifestyle now has over 60 interviews with filmmaking and storytelling professionals.


Who doesn’t love a good story? A tale that pulls us in, embraces us, wraps its tendrils around our emotions… and leaves us feeling spent, purged, a bit more ready to engage life.BOB GILLEN HEADSHOT

I’m Bob Gillen. My heroes are storytellers, creators who embrace all media: print, film and television, the web, lyrics, poetry and art. I’ll focus on story – all my heroes are writers and storytellers. Ass-in-the-chair word pushers. Authors who share their stories with us.


With my writing partner and wife Lynn I also publish a website called The Filmmaker Lifestyle. The site has been up since late 2009, with 70 plus pages of solid content, featuring interviews with over 60 global industry pros. We love talking to storytellers about their work.

We’ve also published ebooks that are available on Amazon Kindle: books on filmmaking, articles, short stories, and several exciting novels.

We have been writing in and for the entertainment media for over 25 years. We taught media production to high school seniors for 11 years. An enormous and wonderful challenge!

This blog is for you, a lover of story. Our mission: helping you enjoy the magic of story. Sharing other people’s stories, stories that may inspire you, provoke you, encourage you with your own story.

Bob Gillen