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A Brazil Few People Know

“Most movies we present show a Brazil that few people know.” Film festival curator and manager Cecilia Queiroz has exhibited more than 500 Brazilian films in global markets. Her responsibilities include organizing workshops, networking and pitching with professionals in the film industry at the festivals. A country the size of Europe, Brazil has many cultural […]

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Filming Downhill Skateboard Action

“For the action shots I would tie myself to a car with mountain climbing equipment, where I was, literally, one inch from the ground at 60 mph.” Brazilian filmmaker Roberto Studart shot Curvas e Ladeiras, a skateboard adventure about four girls in breathtaking downhill action in the mountain towns of his country. “I love the […]

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The reality show OUTrageous is the brainchild of veteran producer/writer/filmmaker Pony Gayle. Gayle is developing the show as an interactive web series. What kind of story is she hoping to tell with the project? “A real life story,” says Gayle. “This is a passion project for me. I feel it is important to showcase a series […]

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Catalyst to Collaboration

Action camera operator and DP Lawrence Ribeiro joins us again (See his original interview) with comments on the importance of observing and appreciating viewpoints in camera work. “Viewpoints, in my eyes, are the catalyst to collaboration. Create!” “Some years ago,” says Ribeiro, “the combination of doing search and rescue, heli-logging and studying Native American mythology/tracking […]

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Writing Lean

Recently YA author Maggie Stiefvater (@mstiefvater) tweeted: Every time you skim a novel, a kitten dies in a paragraph you skipped over. Do you want kittens to die? No. No one does. READ ALL THE WORDS.   I confess I let some kittens die (figuratively) last month. A couple of novels I read had what […]

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