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Comedy Writing

“I personally appreciate extremely dark humor,” says Dublin-based comedy writer and performer Valerie Ní Loinsigh. “I think that it is an Irish trait to be enormously dark in your humor. I don’t appreciate superiority humor or humor at the expense of others quite as much. I like self-deprecation and black comedy.” I am pleased to […]

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As Though Your Words May Die

All creative artists reach a point where they have to let go of their created work. Publish it, display it, sell it, screen it. Let it go. For some artists an even deeper sense of abandonment is at play in their creative process. Several years ago I attended a performance of Euripides’ The Trojan Women, […]

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Reporter Meyer Berger’s New York

Author and writing teacher Natalie Goldberg insists that every writer have a mentor. When a student bemoaned the fact that she had no one to mentor her, Goldberg said, “(Authors) are your mentors… Enter their minds. Don’t let any obstacle keep you away.”  Here’s a piece I wrote on back in November of 2010 […]

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